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Van de Velde Named Chicagoist’s Beer of the Week

Van de Velde is billed by Ale Syndicate as a Belgo-Pale Ale, which essentially means that they're blending together both Belgian and American techniques and ingredients. It pours a seductive ruby-amber in the glass with aromas of caramelized sugar and tangy yeast. On the palate that caramelized sugar pops up front, but is quickly met with some earthy, herbal hops that blossom through the finish, giving off notes of pine and sage. The real star here, though, is the malt profile. In addition to that hint of sweetness and beautiful color, the malts in Van de Velde give us a dense backbone that comes across as a little rich, a little spicy and makes this beer dangerously drinkable. After the first couple of sips, all we could think about was sitting outside and tipping back a few of these on a sunny afternoon. Luckily Van de Velde only clocks in at 6.4% alcohol content, impressive for a beer this complex, so multiple servings won't be an issue.

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