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Richie Named #3 Among America’s Best Porters

| Ale Syndicate

Chicago Magazine called it a few years ago when they named Richie the Best Porter in Chicago. Paste Magazine reaffirmed it just this week when they ranked Richie #3 among a set of 35 of America's Best Porters. "Richie,” they wrote, "is probably the biggest and most aggressive of the pure, unflavored porters on the list. . .This is very rich, flavor-intensive beer, with roast and cocoa that complement dark fruity sweetness. . . 'Complex' is a word that appears on nearly all of the score sheets, and 'memorable' would be another." There are a few cases of Richie floating around - so if you haven't tried it - better snag your bottles today! 

For a full ranking, click here.


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