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The Brews

Paulina - Chicago Wit

This Chicago Witbier is our take on a Belgian style Wit - it has a distinctive taste achieved by lavender and pink peppercorn which represents the diversity and uniqueness of the Paulina Street neighborhoods. 

Available year-round in 1/2 BBLs, and 6-packs.



Serve at50°

  • Aroma

    • Low Malt
    • High Malt
    • Low Hop
    • High Hop
  • Appearance

    • Light
    • Dark
    • Clear
    • Cloudy
  • Flavor

    • Low Malt
    • High Malt
    • Low Hop
    • High Hop
    • Short Finish
    • Long Finish
  • Mouthfeel

    • Light Body
    • Full Body
    • Light Fizz
    • High Fizz
PAULINA - Chicago Wit

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