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From a really young age, Jesse has always had a starry-eyed love affair with the City of Chicago. While not born here and having lived in many places, Jesse considers himself a Chicagoan and is always ready to defend it as the Greatest City on Earth. He likes Chicago politics, the strength of its architecture, its spirit of industriousness and the sheer audacity of folks who live here. Any city that can build on swamps, become the center of the nation, get burned down and do it all over again is good in his book. It was the quote attributed to Daniel Burnham that really inspired him. Burnham was the man who inspired Chicago “to make no little plans.” Jesse loves cycling, his Chicago-native wife Jennell Haynes-Evans, craft beer and making big plans, but not in that order. His job consists of making sure as many Chicagoans as possible start drinking Ale Syndicate beer. Jesse, in fact, would like you to go out and have an Ale Syndicate beer right now. Go. Now. Follow him on Twitter: @AleSyndicateMan

After working in merchandising and distribution at Pepsi-Cola in Illinois, Samuel moved out to California for a few years where he co-founded Lucky Hand Brewing Company with his brother. When he isn’t busy brewing, Samuel can be found outside camping with friends and his dog, enjoying the natural beauty of places like Starved Rock. As an amateur guitarist and avid local music fan, Samuel hopes to bridge his three loves: music, beer and Chicago. Follow him on Twitter: @AleSyndicateSam

Byron started brewing professionally in 2012 and has led a very beer-focused life ever since. Taking over the brewhouse for Ale Syndicate in January 2015, he is very excited to brew favorites like Municipal and Sunday Session but has a few new recipes up his sleeve for your palate's pleasure. Growing up in the western suburbs, he loves living in the city now, due in no small part to the amazing variety of culinary options - because Byron loves food. From tacos to pho, as long as it's tasty, he won't play favorites. And thanks to his passion for cycling and a metabolism akin to a lab rat on crystal meth, he maintains his spindly physique. Follow him on Twitter: SIKE! Byron doesn't do Twitter. But he is coming to appreciate Google Docs.

Alex joined Ale Syndicate in 2016. He filled a much needed role, creating a new position as assistant brewer. He came to us from DC where he worked at the legendary brewery DC Brau. He's bringing some of that DC greatness back to Chicago, assisting Byron with brewing on our Specific Mechanical brewhouse. Alex is a creative, intelligent and incredibly funny guy. We're proud to have Alex as our newest member of the family.

The moment Linda walked through the door, our brewery was forever changed for the better. She brought an element of organization and detail that we hadn't seen. Being a left-brain thinker, whatever we don't know, Linda knows. She keeps our events, partnerships, and festivals straight. Her hobbies include music, dancing, singing and especially loves finding new interesting styles of beer.

Abby was the very first employee at Ale Syndicate. After years of sweat, blood and tears, Abigail went on to become a part owner of the business. People may come and go throughout the years, but a permanent home will always be here for the one that helped start this whole thing. Cheers to Abby!

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